Lilac Park, Lombard IL

Since the first day of spring, we’ve walking Lilac Park twice a week, watching the arrival of the flowers. At first there was snow that melted rapidly, then chilly wind that demanded layers, gloves, hats, and scarves that continued into April. Finally, warmer weather has crept in. Now that it’s mid-May, we’ve been through theContinue reading “Lilac Park, Lombard IL”

Rainy Day at the Cairns Botanical Garden

Despite on and off drizzle, the Botanical Gardne was at its best. The rain washed all the leaves clean and gave a bit of shine to all the plants. Outdoor plantings are complemented by the indoor collection of bromeliads, orchids, and butterflies. We also saw the weirdest mushroom I’ve ever seen. It grows a littleContinue reading “Rainy Day at the Cairns Botanical Garden”

August is the best month on the north coast

Once we moved back in to our Mendocino house, we had a busy day. We’d decided to attend the benefit for the Mendocino Botanical Garden called “Art in the Garden”. It’s held on the first Saturday in August each year, and this year it was Aug. 1. The flowers were gorgeous, dahlias and begonias amongContinue reading “August is the best month on the north coast”

Ch ch ch Changes, or sun, sand and packing–still no water-saving shower heads in the motel.

This week was the best weather since we’ve been in northern California. We discovered that you need a guidebook to find some of the access points to the coastal trails, because they are so well hidden. Homeowners are not necessarily trying to prevent public access to the coast, but the rights-of-way are very specific. YouContinue reading “Ch ch ch Changes, or sun, sand and packing–still no water-saving shower heads in the motel.”

What a week! Nature and culture in Mendocino.

I believe everyone says “where does the time go”? They’re right. The Mendocino Music Festival got into high gear this week and we attended three events, the California Honey Drops, a concert of five groups “A Capella Fever” and a fully staged opera, The Barber of Seville. The opera was my favorite so far, itContinue reading “What a week! Nature and culture in Mendocino.”