Boston on Memorial Day

We’re in Boston, having a look around before my reunion gets underway, and it happens to be Memorial Day Weekend. The city is in high gear, as this is the official start of summer. On Thursday, I saw the display of 37,000 American flags planted on Boston Common to honor Massachusetts residents who died inContinue reading “Boston on Memorial Day”

Peloponnese (5): Ancient Messene, Nestor’s Palace, Pylos

We woke up to a clear day in Kalamata and set out for Messene, ancient capital city of the SW Peloponnese, a rare ancient city that was abandoned and not covered with later structures. Founded during the Bronze Age (3000-1000 BC) at the foot of Mt. Ithome, the settlement prospered based on agricultural richness ofContinue reading “Peloponnese (5): Ancient Messene, Nestor’s Palace, Pylos”

Peloponnese (3): Nafplio, Epidaurus, Sparta

We began the day with a stroll through Nafplio, a lovely seaside town, where I could easily imagine spending a couple of weeks in the summer. There’s even a seaside rock swimming pool that reminded me of the Sydney area. Nafplio was the first capital city of the modern Greek state, 1823-1834. It would beContinue reading “Peloponnese (3): Nafplio, Epidaurus, Sparta”

Peloponnese (2) Corinth, Nemea, Mycenae

Ancient Corinth We started the day with ancient Corinth, Akrokorinth, a very large site, an ancient city. When I read a brief history of Corinth, I found there is no brief history. Corinth was founded by a descendant of Zeus, the Triton Oceanus, or Sisyphus, depending on what myth you like best. The city wasContinue reading “Peloponnese (2) Corinth, Nemea, Mycenae”

A Week of Ruins in the Peloponnese (1)

We booked a week-long private tour to see archaeological sites in the Peloponnese, home of Sparta and Mycenae, the “sandy Pylos” of Homer, and other wonderful spots. One of the reasons we tried a private tour is that we are such terrible tour participants. We’ve each led more tours than gone as participants, and weContinue reading “A Week of Ruins in the Peloponnese (1)”

Mar. 25, Greek Independence Day

I was startled out of my sleep on Friday by the sound of low-flying jets–a terrifying sound. It happened again a while later, and when we emerged from the apartment, I asked Sassa, our local cafe owner, what was going on. She smiled. “They’re practicing for tomorrow, Independence Day.” “There’s a big parade.” “You shouldContinue reading “Mar. 25, Greek Independence Day”