Our last week in Fez

4.23.16 Fez-003

So many loose ends, so little time. We took a couple more of the walks in the guidebook, “Fez from Bab to Bab.”







We passed a tassel seller.

One of the walks took us through the Jnane Sbil, a beautiful garden near the Royal Palace. This month is perfect for visiting, the orange blossoms are out, as are lilacs, roses and all kinds of flowers. The garden is carefully maintained, the gardeners have even created some new small islands within the stream that passes through the garden. We did some birdwatching, and even saw a new bird, a grey wagtail.

Male Grey Wagtail

4.27.16 Jnane Sbil garden-004







The gardener made his own broom.
The gardener made his own broom. It’s like a ‘hidden picture’ on top of the woodpile.

Another day we took a route that included the official Municipal Market.4.26.16 Ville NouvelleWe drank coffee on the roof terrace of the Palais Faraj hotel. It overlooks our neighborhood and after spotting its terrace, we decided to go for a visit. It has a lovely  view over the medina, and the cookies were excellent, too.

4.25.16 Palai Faraj Fes-001Today we walked around the Mellah, the former Jewish neighborhood. We visited the synagogue along with an Israeli tour group. The Mellah not a large area, but some of the streets are winding.

On the way home, I noticed that our taxi driver had a dashboard cupholder for his glass of mint tea. I love it.

4.28.16 Mellah Fes-001


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