August is the best month on the north coast

Once we moved back in to our Mendocino house, we had a busy day. We’d decided to attend the benefit for the Mendocino Botanical Garden called “Art in the Garden”. It’s held on the first Saturday in August each year, and this year it was Aug. 1. The flowers were gorgeous, dahlias and begonias among the showiest.


Though the juried art show was more crafts than art, there were some very fine artists present and we enjoyed looking at their work in all media from watercolor to dye-infused metal plates.

We met Marian DeGloria, painter of the logo work of art for the show (above). She had a planter of similar composition beside it. She’s been a volunteer at the Garden for seven years and seems to know her way around plants both on an easel and in the ground.

We used my short cut sketch to make a quick trip two the water’s edge on Saturday evening–it was as stunning a view as ever.

On Sunday, we walked down to Van Damme State Beach where Jonathan tested out how he’d look if he grew his beard into the most popular shape locally:




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