A few of my favorites, Aug. 5, 2015

The sun has been coming in and fading out, creating special effects. Jughandle state park Blowhole on the Mendocino Headlands Picnic friend This is a goblin castle. It’s only visible on the calmest day on the water. This is what the sea looked like the next day (today). Tomorrow’s forecast is for gale force windsContinue reading “A few of my favorites, Aug. 5, 2015”

Another beautiful day, July 19, 2015

More search for fish yielded beautiful scenery. Doesn’t this look like the Caribbean? Fishing boats roamed the water beyond this arch. Despite all the company, we didn’t land any fish. Harbor seals lounged on the rocks until the tide rose and pushed them off, then they flopped and rolled and skooched onto a slightly higherContinue reading “Another beautiful day, July 19, 2015”

What a week! Nature and culture in Mendocino.

I believe everyone says “where does the time go”? They’re right. The Mendocino Music Festival got into high gear this week and we attended three events, the California Honey Drops, a concert of five groups “A Capella Fever” and a fully staged opera, The Barber of Seville. The opera was my favorite so far, itContinue reading “What a week! Nature and culture in Mendocino.”

More unrequited fishing and Abalone, July 7, 2015

We decided to try fishing again, this time at Caspar Headlands, a place we’ve driven past. Reading about this area we found that a temporary pass is required, so we stopped by the Headquarters Building on the East side of Route 1 at Russian Gulch and were able to collect the required paper. Caspar HeadlandsContinue reading “More unrequited fishing and Abalone, July 7, 2015”