Snorkeling in Aruba

Our Airbnb house had snorkeling equipment and I found enough to fit, though Jonathan found that his knees don’t much like snorkeling any more. We went snorkeling at Rodgers Beach, in sight of the former refinery, and saw many small fish. We found even better underwater terrain right by our house at Savaneta beach. TheContinue reading “Snorkeling in Aruba”

Off the beaten path at Lough Melvin

We set out on a loop from Bundoran to Manorhamilton, on to Rosinver, then back to Bundoran. We started with the farmers market in Manorhamilton that turned out to be very, very small. After buying a few things, we went in search of a ring fort and we found a site, but it wasn’t theContinue reading “Off the beaten path at Lough Melvin”

Beachcombing in northern Norway

Beachcombing is not so simple in our area–most of the shore is rock. There are a variety of clams, whelks and we learned that little sand trails come from lugworms. (Amanda is our visiting marine biologist.) There is still a lot to look at when there is a sandy spot, and a surprising quantity ofContinue reading “Beachcombing in northern Norway”

Beachcombing at the Albufera del Medio Mundo

The Albufera del Medio Mundo has the best beachcombing on our coast. We had an interesting walk, first along the lagoon and then along the beach. Nest of an American Oystercatcher     There were a lot of different things to be found along the beach. We found the skull of a sea lion. OnlyContinue reading “Beachcombing at the Albufera del Medio Mundo”