Amanda and Jim’s Cairns Adventure

Amanda and Jim are just ending their two week visit with us. We’ve packed a lot of new experiences into this short time. It gives you a snapshot of what there is to do in and around Cairns. Day 1: Leaving Los Angeles at 11 pm Friday, they arrived in Cairns at noon on Sunday,Continue reading “Amanda and Jim’s Cairns Adventure”

Riflebirds share Breakfast at Cassowary House

I read about Cassowary House online and it sounded like an unusual place to stay overnight and do some birdwatching. This small, family-run guesthouse just above Kuranda is set in a thick patch of rainforest, with frequent visits from local birds, including a cassowary or two. We’ve seen cassowary in the zoo and animal parks,Continue reading “Riflebirds share Breakfast at Cassowary House”

The Great Platypus Hunt

Jonathan and I saw a platypus in a darkened display (they are nocturnal) at the Healesville sanctuary outside Melbourne. We thought we had checked off one of those Australia bucket list activities: See a Platypus!!! The platypus was dark on top with a silvery-white belly, leaving a trail of bubbles as it swam across theContinue reading “The Great Platypus Hunt”

Snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef

Floating in the water over coral stacks around 20 feet tall watching a cloud of tiny blue and orange fish darting around my hands, I forget what it took to get here. All I can think of is how mesmerizing this view is, I want to remember it clearly. The sun has been in andContinue reading “Snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef”

Rainy Day at the Cairns Botanical Garden

Despite on and off drizzle, the Botanical Gardne was at its best. The rain washed all the leaves clean and gave a bit of shine to all the plants. Outdoor plantings are complemented by the indoor collection of bromeliads, orchids, and butterflies. We also saw the weirdest mushroom I’ve ever seen. It grows a littleContinue reading “Rainy Day at the Cairns Botanical Garden”

Cairns: Tropical North Queensland

Before the plane lands in Cairns you see the new environment. Unlike anywhere else we’ve been in Australia, the forest of north Queensland is dense green. Enough rain falls year round to keep a thick cover of trees and underbrush growing. We thought Darwin would be like this, but even though it is often hotter,Continue reading “Cairns: Tropical North Queensland”