Moving Day, July 1, 2015

We moved from Little River to Ft. Bragg, CA for the month of July, though we plan to move back to the Little River house in August. It was a bit of a trial to pack up, though probably a good exercise. There are somewhat fewer canned goods, but the car still ended up filled to the doors. We left right at 9 am with the tourist’s dilemma of how to pass the time until we could move into our next abode at 3 pm.

After a delicious coffee at Moody’s Organic Coffee Shop in Mendocino, we stopped in to visit the Mendocino Botanical Garden in Ft. Bragg. It’s a wonderful place. We looked at birds, but mostly the flowers.

Mendo Bot Garden 7.1.15-008sm Mendo Bot Garden 7.1.15-028sm Mendo Bot Garden 7.1.15-005sm Mendo Bot Garden 7.1.15-001sm

We moved into our new apartment in downtown Ft. Bragg and found that it is very well located, but has a peculiar layout. There are two bedrooms and two baths, but you can only get from one bedroom to the bathroom by walking through the other bedroom. The living/dining area is spacious and comfortable and the kitchen is well-outfitted.

The view out the window is also peculiar. We can see the ocean to the west, but between us and the water is an area that is being subject to cleanup of toxic metals left from the earlier Union Pacific Lumber Co. mill that was the main industry of the town for many years. The cleanup is under way, but won’t be completed for an uncertain period of time. Sooooo, ocean view, yes, but don’t look down.



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