Spring turns into Summer

We’ve been in Lombard, IL for two and a half months, much longer than our normal stops. On June 1, when we should be flying from Athens to Vienna, we will be leaving Lombard, IL for Conneaut, OH, the last town before the PA border. Why? Lake Erie, for starters. We’ve never been there, andContinue reading “Spring turns into Summer”

Lombard’s Lustron Houses

Lombard, Illinois has a particularly interesting mix of housing from every period since its founding in 1833. We are staying in a house built from a kit purchased from Sears Roebuck in 1926, and there are several of these around town, but there is another experimental type, the Lustron House, that has more than aContinue reading “Lombard’s Lustron Houses”

It’s August. Why are we in the Midwest?

I always tell people that Chicago is a great place to visit spring and fall, but is to be avoided in the summer, when it’s too hot and humid, and in the winter, when it’s way too cold. Why am I not following my own advice? We spent the year until now visiting Australia–it wasContinue reading “It’s August. Why are we in the Midwest?”

Under the “Heat Dome”

Meteorologists must spend all their down time inventing terms for the next big climate moment. “Polar Vortex”, “Snowmageddon”, “El Diablo”, and now “Heat Dome”, are some of the more recent ones. I say this in admiration, as we all feel better when the weather changes and we know we’ve survived whatever-it-was. https://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/how-a-heat-dome-happens-1.5216908 In the Midwest,Continue reading “Under the “Heat Dome””

Farewell to Illinois and Hello, Summer!

Our extended stay in Illinois wasn’t all we might have hoped for, after all, it included a hospital stay for Jonathan (only overnight). After all the waiting for tests, the surgery itself went smoothly and he was home and sore the next day. Now, a week later, he is largely back to normal.   WeContinue reading “Farewell to Illinois and Hello, Summer!”

Thanksgiving in the Heartland

The weather moderated for Thanksgiving. It was mild and pleasant, and we shared our feast with our friend Peggy and with Lyra, visiting from New York. You won’t see Lyra in any of the photos because she was sick on Thanksgiving Day, and we let her sit out the pictures. I am thankful for myContinue reading “Thanksgiving in the Heartland”

First stop in this round of travels-LaGrange, IL

During the month of May 2015, from the day before the closing on the sale of our house until the week after Memorial Day, we are renting an apartment in a (very nice) two flat in LaGrange. We found it on Airbnb, the owners live upstairs and so far it is both comfortable and convenient.Continue reading “First stop in this round of travels-LaGrange, IL”