Souk Hebdomadaire, Weekly market in Azrou

The same day we visited the macaques (see previous post), we stopped at the souk hebdomadaire in Azrou. This is a traditional weekly market where vendors put up tents or canopies and sell all kinds of goods. A lively functioning market has to deal in goods people really want and in Azrou that ranges fromContinue reading “Souk Hebdomadaire, Weekly market in Azrou”

Museums and Sites in Rabat–mixed opportunities

Rabat is Morocco’s capital. It has strong competition from Casablanca for economic prominence and with Marrakesh for cultural prominence. I’d like to see the capital with museums that reflect the best of all periods of Moroccan history, but Rabat seems to have thrown in the towel on the museum front.  I already mentioned my fruitlessContinue reading “Museums and Sites in Rabat–mixed opportunities”

What a week! Nature and culture in Mendocino.

I believe everyone says “where does the time go”? They’re right. The Mendocino Music Festival got into high gear this week and we attended three events, the California Honey Drops, a concert of five groups “A Capella Fever” and a fully staged opera, The Barber of Seville. The opera was my favorite so far, itContinue reading “What a week! Nature and culture in Mendocino.”

Busy Saturday: July 11, 2015

We started the day at the Pack Rat Sale, a benefit for the Mendocino Botanical Garden. This annual event really brought out the shoppers. We arrived at 8:10 am and people had obviously been waiting for the 8 am opening because there were cars everywhere and the place was mobbed. Despite the fact that IContinue reading “Busy Saturday: July 11, 2015”