12 hours of madness, and incidentally, New Grange

(Things got a bit out of order and this should have appeared before the previous) We left Bundoran on Aug. 30 and embarked on 12 hours of madness as we tried to get me in and out of the outpatient unit at University Hospital, Sligo for a shot in my eye to treat my macularContinue reading “12 hours of madness, and incidentally, New Grange”

Last stop Dublin, and what’s Good to Know about Ireland

Our last day in Dublin was spent inside the National Museum of Ireland. Lyra was wonderful in agreeing to stay with her crazy parents in the museum all day when all of Dublin was beckoning. After visiting many archaeological sites around Ireland we had often read reference to finds made at a site followed byContinue reading “Last stop Dublin, and what’s Good to Know about Ireland”

Irish Houses

As you drive around the Republic of Ireland, you notice only variations on a single house type. Abandoned Cottage                                              Occupied cottage Architecture in Ireland appears to take a simple cottage as the basic model for all housing. There are hundreds of abandoned cottages (L), and there are many restored, rebuilt, or new cottages (R). SomeContinue reading “Irish Houses”

Archaeology of Ireland–Northwest

The archaeology slide show continues in northwest Ireland. This includes all kinds of historic and ruined structures. If I posted about each one separately, there would be a lot of photos of rocky structures. You may enjoy browsing these. We had a great time finding and visiting all of them. These are the places inContinue reading “Archaeology of Ireland–Northwest”

Archaeology in Ireland–Southwest

We visited many, many archaeological sites and objects, from the stone lying by the sidewalk in Dingle to the ruins of Ardfert Cathedral. Partly as a way to remember what they all were, I’m creating a slideshow that include each site we saw in the Dingle region (Co. Kerry). Some of these I’ve already mentionedContinue reading “Archaeology in Ireland–Southwest”

All things green and beautiful…

I’ve been doing so many things that the space between posts has gotten longer. Most of our activities involve walking on beaches or visiting ruins that date between the twentieth century and 3000 BC. A real highlight was the cemetery that includes ruins of Asseroe Abbey in Ballyshannon. Nothing is left of the Abbey butContinue reading “All things green and beautiful…”

Off the beaten path at Lough Melvin

We set out on a loop from Bundoran to Manorhamilton, on to Rosinver, then back to Bundoran. We started with the farmers market in Manorhamilton that turned out to be very, very small. After buying a few things, we went in search of a ring fort and we found a site, but it wasn’t theContinue reading “Off the beaten path at Lough Melvin”