Interim–October in Santa Barbara

We left Peru with great fanfare, but didn’t get all the way to New Zealand in one hop, we stopped for a month in Santa Barbara, CA. It was a month of relaxation, walks on the beach, exploring the area, and wine-tasting–this is California, after all. We visited the Avocado Festival in Carpenteria, and theContinue reading “Interim–October in Santa Barbara”

Something new: the toe of Manhattan

I thought I knew about Manhattan, having visited quite a bit while growing up and having lived in couple of neighborhoods. I’ve ridden on the Staten Island Ferry and been to the Statue of Liberty. Both require you to go to the toe of Manhattan. What I skipped over until this trip was the neighborhoodContinue reading “Something new: the toe of Manhattan”

12 hours of madness, and incidentally, New Grange

(Things got a bit out of order and this should have appeared before the previous) We left Bundoran on Aug. 30 and embarked on 12 hours of madness as we tried to get me in and out of the outpatient unit at University Hospital, Sligo for a shot in my eye to treat my macularContinue reading “12 hours of madness, and incidentally, New Grange”

Last stop Dublin, and what’s Good to Know about Ireland

Our last day in Dublin was spent inside the National Museum of Ireland. Lyra was wonderful in agreeing to stay with her crazy parents in the museum all day when all of Dublin was beckoning. After visiting many archaeological sites around Ireland we had often read reference to finds made at a site followed byContinue reading “Last stop Dublin, and what’s Good to Know about Ireland”

Archaeology of Ireland–Northwest

The archaeology slide show continues in northwest Ireland. This includes all kinds of historic and ruined structures. If I posted about each one separately, there would be a lot of photos of rocky structures. You may enjoy browsing these. We had a great time finding and visiting all of them. These are the places inContinue reading “Archaeology of Ireland–Northwest”

A few more sights from the neighborhood

Young people are everywhere, here are some hanging out at a local fountain (water tap). What is education like in Morocco? Are there after school activities or part-time jobs available to young people? Is an after school job considered a good thing or a stigma? It’s clear I have a lot to learn about Morocco,Continue reading “A few more sights from the neighborhood”

Souk Hebdomadaire, Weekly market in Azrou

The same day we visited the macaques (see previous post), we stopped at the souk hebdomadaire in Azrou. This is a traditional weekly market where vendors put up tents or canopies and sell all kinds of goods. A lively functioning market has to deal in goods people really want and in Azrou that ranges fromContinue reading “Souk Hebdomadaire, Weekly market in Azrou”

Barbary Macaques in Ifrane, a biologist might tear his/her hair

We all love monkeys because they remind us of ourselves. Who wouldn’t want to visit a group distinctive for living in the mountains of Morocco and Algeria, along with a colony in Gibraltar that makes the news now and then? ( It is easy to see the groups that live in the Ifrane National ParkContinue reading “Barbary Macaques in Ifrane, a biologist might tear his/her hair”