Winter Solstice in New Brighton

Welcome to this post on our current home in New Brighton, New South Wales. This is also my 500th post on   (Where does the time go?) Thank you for reading and joining me on our travels. I hope you’ll keep coming back. It’s been just over five years since we retired and set outContinue reading “Winter Solstice in New Brighton”

The View from Mt. Wellington

What a week! We visited beaches as beautiful as you can imagine, saw wallabies jumping across a rural road, parrots only found in Tasmania, and flocks of cockatoos landing in the trees! We ended the week with a visit to the Sunday farmer’s market in Hobart–Tasmania has excellent celery, among other things. Then a stopContinue reading “The View from Mt. Wellington”

A Day in the Algarve

On our last weekend in Portugal, we decided to head south for a day trip to the Algarve, as the south coast is called. In particular, Jonathan wanted to see Cabo Sao Vicente, the southwesternmost point in mainland Europe. We planned to go on Saturday, but rain was forecast, so we opted for Sunday andContinue reading “A Day in the Algarve”

Ceramics in the El Noqbi neighborhood

Lyra and I wanted to look at ceramics and found a recommendation to visit the El Noqbi neighborhood on the northeast side of the medina. Art Naji is probably the best known spot, partly because it is so visible on googlemaps. There are many workshops that sell pottery on the streets that radiate out fromContinue reading “Ceramics in the El Noqbi neighborhood”

Souk Hebdomadaire, Weekly market in Azrou

The same day we visited the macaques (see previous post), we stopped at the souk hebdomadaire in Azrou. This is a traditional weekly market where vendors put up tents or canopies and sell all kinds of goods. A lively functioning market has to deal in goods people really want and in Azrou that ranges fromContinue reading “Souk Hebdomadaire, Weekly market in Azrou”