A great day of fishing, everyone caught fish and had to toss them back. We kept enough fish for two meals, one of pollock.

My big moment was catching a cod, the first fish other than a pollock (seithe) that we’ve gotten.

6.9.16 fishing (2)sm





6.9.16 fishing-023



The wind had come up a bit by the time I caught the cod, so I have my winter hat on. For much of the day, it was quite a bit warmer, but whenever clouds cover the sun or the wind picks up it gets pretty chilly.

6.9.16 baked cod






6.9.16 baked cod-003

It was a great fish.






Amanda thinks for a while and then addresses the fjord.

Jonathan caught fish under Jimmy’s watchful eye.

We fished from a wonderful place set up for a huge gathering near the water called George’s Place. The sign says “Please clean up for next time.”

Amanda looks around at the chairs, cooking utensils, fireplace with hanging pot and says, “So…. Norway has no tweakers? This would all be stolen from anyplace near us.” We then discussed whether Norway’s farm support policies help people in rural areas make a living–and therefore people don’t need to resort to producing meth to make money. It’s a thought. The area was spectacular.

6.9.16 Fishing-008


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