Bruhel Point, Sunday July 12, 2015

We found another striking¬† spot on Sunday, between Ft. Bragg and Westport, just north of the Pacific Star Winery. According to the guidebook it is Bruhel Point, though there is not a sign indicating that name at the pullout. There are picnic tables and benches and a trail toward the water. We started out inContinue reading “Bruhel Point, Sunday July 12, 2015”

More unrequited fishing and Abalone, July 7, 2015

We decided to try fishing again, this time at Caspar Headlands, a place we’ve driven past. Reading about this area we found that a temporary pass is required, so we stopped by the Headquarters Building on the East side of Route 1 at Russian Gulch and were able to collect the required paper. Caspar HeadlandsContinue reading “More unrequited fishing and Abalone, July 7, 2015”