We’ve seen some wonderful creatures. Beautiful ones like a pale swallowtail butterfly:

7.3.15 pale swallowtail -002

On 7.11.15 we added an anise swallowtail butterfly:

7.11.15 Mile 63.81-0sm

Some are not so lovely but just as interesting. We had seen harbor seals at Russian Gulch:

harbor seals russian gulch-003

and just recently we saw California sea lions at Caspar Headlands. They are even bigger than harbor seals, dark brown, and often swim with one big black flipper sticking out of the water. We heard them barking in the water and couldn’t entirely figure out what they were. When we went back to fish again on 7/9 we saw what we think are the same pair hauled out on the rocks. OK, they do look better through binoculars.

7.9.15 ca sea lion caspar headlands-003

On 7.11.15 we also added to the difficult to see, curious animals with a young elephant seal that is molting on the beach at McKerricher state park. The rangers warn visitors to stay back, and the smell is an inducement to keeping your distance. This young seal is pretty miserable, but presumably will be back in the water and good to go soon.

7.11.15 elephant seal Mckerricher-003 7.11.15 elephant seal Mckerricher-002



Can you tell which of these is the elephant seal? Both seem to be molting.


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