Pt. Cabrillo lighthouse, July 23, 2015

Again, we set out to  fish and were dissuaded by the waves. Beautiful, but no luck. We were on the Caspar Headlands.

7.23.15 Caspar Headlands-002sm

We could hear the barking of sea lions from our fishing spot, and found about 50 sea lions sunning themselves on the rocks in the background of this photo.

Here’s a closer look.

7.23.15 Caspar Headlandssealions-005sm

When fishing proved unpromising, we decided to walk around the Pt. Cabrillo lighthouse, another local landmark. The lighthouse still works, though it is automated now and the lighthouse keeper’s house and the assistant lighthouse keeper’s lodgings are now rental properties.

7.23.15 Cabrillo Pt. lighthousesm


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