An Epic Day: Star Wars and Puffins in the Skellig Islands

Had my sister Paula not read in her guide book about an offshore rock group with an ancient monastery at the top, we might never have visited the Skellig Islands. We considered hiking to the top of the 600+ steps to see the domed stone cells that may date back to 600 AD. If thatContinue reading “An Epic Day: Star Wars and Puffins in the Skellig Islands”

First impressions of Edinburgh

Edinburgh is as green as anywhere you can imagine. Yes, it has been raining, sometimes heavily, but the payoff is that the gardens are beautiful and the flowers in perfect bloom. We’ve arrived in Scotland at an unusual time. The Brexit vote was just over a week ago, and like many others, we were unpreparedContinue reading “First impressions of Edinburgh”

Murrayfield Road, our base of operations

Our apartment is a recently renovated three bedroom, one bath place on Murrayfield Road, and it suits us very well. We are a short walk from the bus into Princes Street, the center of the city, and only a couple of blocks from a bus that goes directly to a large Sainsbury’s, where we canContinue reading “Murrayfield Road, our base of operations”

Dealing with a sprained ankle in Edinburgh, update

After a week of rest, Jonathan’s ankle still hurt a lot. I crossed the street to the Murrayfield Medical Office and asked about options and was told to go to A&E at the Royal Infirmary. As I was looking up directions I found a reference to the “Minor Injury Clinic” at Western General Hospital andContinue reading “Dealing with a sprained ankle in Edinburgh, update”

New territory–Edinburgh

Rain and a lost suitcase notwithstanding, we are now settled in Edinburgh. A quick history review suggests that Edinburgh has been here for so long that it’s not clear when the first hut was built on the crag where Edinburgh Castle now sits. Bronze Age artifacts have been found in the area, putting people inContinue reading “New territory–Edinburgh”

Good to know about Northern Norway

Shopping Living in northern Norway is an exercise in planning, because it takes over 30 minutes to get to the nearest store of any kind, and an hour to get to a place with even a very modest shopping area. There are two principal grocery chains, REMA 1000, and Co-op. Their offerings are similar. MostContinue reading “Good to know about Northern Norway”

Something got confused in Den/burgh or Edin/mark

More on having a sprained ankle….. There was a long walk between flights. Our first leg, Oslo to Copenhagen, landed at the end of one terminal. Our next leg left from the end of another terminal that also required passport check. I went ahead (a bad idea as it turned out) and then tried toContinue reading “Something got confused in Den/burgh or Edin/mark”

What happens when you twist your ankle?

Occasionally, people ask how we will deal with illness or injury as we travel, particularly since US insurance rarely applies outside the US. Travel insurance only covers injury during travel. My macular degeneration is considered a chronic condition and therefore not covered (see Jonathan sprained his ankle on one of our last days inContinue reading “What happens when you twist your ankle?”

Community in Kjerstad

Tjeldoya Island looks deceptively empty. On the day we drove to Lodingen we were on the opposite side of the fjord and Amanda pointed out that there are many houses on the shore of Tjeldoya that you don’t see from the narrow road where one driver often has to pull over when two vehicles meet.Continue reading “Community in Kjerstad”

Prehistory on Tjeldøya

Walking along the furrows of a plowed field after a rain is the best way to find artifacts, and there have been archaeological finds from Neolithic (Stone Age) farmers along the north side of Tjeldoya. There are photos of stone axes and spear points in the “Tjeldsund” booklet I mentioned in the last post. AContinue reading “Prehistory on Tjeldøya”