Dealing with a sprained ankle in Edinburgh, update

After a week of rest, Jonathan’s ankle still hurt a lot. I crossed the street to the Murrayfield Medical Office and asked about options and was told to go to A&E at the Royal Infirmary. As I was looking up directions I found a reference to the “Minor Injury Clinic” at Western General Hospital and looked it up. Yes! They deal with sprains and “routine fractures” (are there any?). We went down to the corner and were able to catch a cab promptly (it was not raining). The driver dropped us at the door of the clinic, the Porterfield Road entrance of the hospital, and we hobbled in.

It was a miracle. First of all, almost no one was there. Jonathan was seen almost immediately and sent for an xray. He hobbled off to get it, hobbled back ten minutes later and was called in about 5 minutes after that. His foot is not broken! It will mend on its own! No more ace bandage!

Saving the best news for last, your first visit to the Minor Injury Clinic is free, even if you are not Scottish, from the UK or the EU. Free once for anyone. Thank you, clinic and Great Western Hospital.



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2 thoughts on “Dealing with a sprained ankle in Edinburgh, update

  1. Winifred….do you have a phone # in Scotland. My NIU at Oxford Colleague Kathleen Renk is in Edinburgh tonight and tomorrow, and said she would like to contact you there. She’s on Facebook if you wanted to contact her first.

    Regarding Jonathan’s ankle…

    Yes.. I also love the NHS. People here in the “UK” still complain about it, but compared to what we have in the US, it is wonderful. Surely ‘merica could have a one-payer system? I really don’t understand why nobody can get anywhere with making it happen. Perhaps there are too many special interests who like to make money out of US healthcare, or and/or a majority of people believe that they will never get sick or injured, and so don’t want to pay for others to get treatment.


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