Walking through History on Hovsveien

Using the magic of the internet I found, “Tjelsundet: A Channel Through the Ages,” a guide to Hovsveien, an ancient road along the north side of Tjeldoya Island.¬† This 2 km section¬† is open for walking, set up with trail markers and some informational signs. You can see the roadbed pressed into the landscape. AlongContinue reading “Walking through History on Hovsveien”

A Whirl Through Scandinavia: 3 countries in one day

Paula said, “Have you thought about going to Finland? It’s not that far.” (Ha Ha Ha) “Why not?” we replied. We decided to go to Finland on Tuesday as long as Jonathan didn’t stay up all night looking at the summer solstice on Monday. He did take photos at 2 am and 6 am, butContinue reading “A Whirl Through Scandinavia: 3 countries in one day”