Something got confused in Den/burgh or Edin/mark

More on having a sprained ankle….. There was a long walk between flights. Our first leg, Oslo to Copenhagen, landed at the end of one terminal. Our next leg left from the end of another terminal that also required passport check. I went ahead (a bad idea as it turned out) and then tried to get an electric cart for Jonathan. By the time I got it, he was at passport control. When we went through, we turned out to be at the start of a very long walk to the gate. Fortunately, Paula had contacted the gate staff and the plane waited for us. We weren’t late for the flight, but we arrived at the gate with only a few minutes until flight time, and the doors are often closed 10-20 minutes before the scheduled departure. We had already found out that our seats were SASGo, the cheap seats, and not SASPlus as they had been on our arrival in Norway. That meant less room and no food. Not a problem, fortunately, as Jonathan was on the aisle and we weren’t starving.


Our welcome to Edinburgh was marred by the arrival of our luggage. That is, all of our luggage EXCEPT Jonathan’s suitcase. I went to the desk to submit a report and found two staffers, only one of whom could handle SAS issues. He was on the phone for a long time, 10-15 minutes, with the group before me. He then said he couldn’t be in two places at one time. “If you have lost luggage to report, follow me.” So I did. He then walked me and another passenger out of security without telling us that was happening. We got near the exit and I said, “What about the others in my party?” His answer, “You didn’t say you were with a group.” He said it was already too late to go back, at which I pointed out that I didn’t even have my passport.  In the end, I got him to call Paula’s cell phone to tell her and Jonathan to come out of baggage claim and meet me. At the end of a half hour after the last bag came off the carousel, all I had was a strip of paper with a phone number. He said to call and collect our reference number for the lost bag, he couldn’t give it to me because it involves typing in all the information on the form I’d filled out and he was too busy. “Be sure to leave a message, because I can’t always answer,” was his last comment.

That was Saturday afternoon at about 4 pm. It is now Monday at 1:30 pm, Jonathan made about a dozen phone calls, mostly with no answer despite the website saying that baggage handling works seven days a week.  To get the reference number for his bag he had to call SAS in Stockholm (possibly outsourced to New Delhi) where you are charged 18 cents per minute to speak to an agent. The young man in Edinburgh was just not going to answer the phone, I guess. We now have our reference number but no further information on where his suitcase might be. More updates as they happen. I am doing the laundry in our new flat so that he has more clothing. Fortunately, I had some of his dirty clothes in my suitcase, so he is not utterly without clothing. We may have to do some shopping.

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  1. Not a great start, poor JH. I am doing rehab to strengthen my ankle, when he is in a place to do so, might help.


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