Letting go of our mooring ropes

Having mulled over what I love about this area in my previous post, I have to face what it will take to get us on the road again. We’ve made ourselves comfortable here; after all, we will have been here 3/4 of a year. Unweaving the strands of connection that tie us here will takeContinue reading “Letting go of our mooring ropes”

Keys to Exploring California

If you’re going to explore, you need maps. The map on your phone is indispensable, but it’s not enough. There are places both inland and along the coast of California where cell phone signals disappear, but there’s a solution for that: Paper resources. Two in particular have helped us out, the DeLorme Atlas and GazetteerContinue reading “Keys to Exploring California”

Travel Planning, the Schengen area, and Coronavirus

We begin planning our travels for the coming year just after we land in the US at the end of September. By the time we’ve hashed out where exactly we’d like to spend the following April-September, it’s some time in October and Jonathan begins scouring the Airbnb listings. This year we ran into a problemContinue reading “Travel Planning, the Schengen area, and Coronavirus”

Good to Know About Australia

Impossible to sum up Australia, but some things worked for us and others didn’t. Here are a few tips based on our experience over six months. All my $ figures in this post refer to Australian dollars, currently about US$.70=AU$1 Airbnb: We stayed in eight different Airbnb properties in Australia that ranged from passable toContinue reading “Good to Know About Australia”

Good to know about Darwin, Australia

We enjoyed Darwin very much, and were there for a very short time by our standards (10 days). Airbnb: Our place was excellent, with a large roofed outdoor patio and a small pool. We used both often. Air Conditioning: Is a must for Darwin, at least in the bedroom. The temperature is normally over 90°F.Continue reading “Good to know about Darwin, Australia”

Good to Know About Perth, Australia

Though we were only in Perth for two weeks, we saw a lot of wonderful places. It would be easy to spend six months traveling from the far south corner of Australia around Albany, moving along the coast until you reached Darwin. That’s about 5000 km, and part of the reason that we didn’t seeContinue reading “Good to Know About Perth, Australia”

Good to Know About Melbourne

Melbourne proved easy to live in, another testament to Jonathan’s Airbnb research skills. We were walking distance from the beach, very handy on hot days, and also close to public transport. We drove into the center of the city on our first day to go to my eye doctor appointment and it was as nightmarishContinue reading “Good to Know About Melbourne”