Modern medieval in the Medina

A medina is a walled city, very exotic for a visitor, and it’s easy to forget that medieval here isn’t just an adjective. In Fez, this means that many buildings are hundreds of years old, maybe their foundations really are a thousand years old. I find that close to unimaginable. When Fez was founded, theContinue reading “Modern medieval in the Medina”

Romans in Morocco at Volubilis

There may be nowhere more beautiful than a Roman ruin on a spring day and Volubilis, one of Morocco’s best known archaeological sites, was perfect for us. Volubilis was abandoned by the Romans in AD 285, but not by the local community, who lived there for another 700 years. The site has little new constructionContinue reading “Romans in Morocco at Volubilis”

We find a photography gallery off the beaten path: Dar Balmira

While at the Cafe clock, we saw a poster for an exhibit of historic photos of Fez from the early 20th century that have been restored and reprinted. The gallery is not far from our riad and is in a restored riad, so we decided a field trip was in order. We found our wayContinue reading “We find a photography gallery off the beaten path: Dar Balmira”

A Moroccan Wine Tasting

There is a thriving wine industry in Morocco, mostly consumed domestically. It is possible to purchase wine in this Moslem country at the “Cave” or wine cellar at the Carrefour grocery store. (We also heard that the Marjane chain of grocery stores ended liquor sales and found their overall business dropped 20-25%.) We planned toContinue reading “A Moroccan Wine Tasting”

Museums and Sites in Rabat–mixed opportunities

Rabat is Morocco’s capital. It has strong competition from Casablanca for economic prominence and with Marrakesh for cultural prominence. I’d like to see the capital with museums that reflect the best of all periods of Moroccan history, but Rabat seems to have thrown in the towel on the museum front.  I already mentioned my fruitlessContinue reading “Museums and Sites in Rabat–mixed opportunities”

El Jadida, and the “citerne portugais” of Orson Welles

We drove to El Jadida and discovered that along with the coastal beaches there is a stretch from about 10 km outside town into the city that is heavily industrial. Smokestacks from a power plant and phosphate plant are followed by a huge port facility, petroleum storage, LPG storage, one huge facility after another. NoneContinue reading “El Jadida, and the “citerne portugais” of Orson Welles”