One week in Adelaide

One week is barely long enough to get an introduction to a place like Adelaide. We did our best, visiting Hahndorf, walking around historic Port Adelaide, tasting wine in the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale, and visiting beaches, despite a bit of rain. The drought in South Australia is so bad that we can’t begrudgeContinue reading “One week in Adelaide”

Visiting Christchurch and the Banks Peninsula

My mental map of Christchurch is a triangle. The city center is near the top. The lower right corner is the Banks Peninsula, an ancient volcano that on the map looks like a huge pinwheel. The lower left corner is Lake Ellesmere, a very large, shallow lagoon that is barely connected to the sea throughContinue reading “Visiting Christchurch and the Banks Peninsula”

Porto on a sunny Sunday

The Douro River divides Porto into the city and the port-tasting zone. There is a long tradition of making port here (Porto, get it?). Whether you like port or not, it is part of the experience to taste some. We didn’t trek across the bridge to the lodges because Jonathan found a place where youContinue reading “Porto on a sunny Sunday”

A Moroccan Wine Tasting

There is a thriving wine industry in Morocco, mostly consumed domestically. It is possible to purchase wine in this Moslem country at the “Cave” or wine cellar at the Carrefour grocery store. (We also heard that the Marjane chain of grocery stores ended liquor sales and found their overall business dropped 20-25%.) We planned toContinue reading “A Moroccan Wine Tasting”

Making lemonade from a lemon of a day July 10, 2015

Getting an injection in your eye is not as bad as it sounds–I have started getting Eyelea in my right eye as a treatment for the wet form of macular degeneration. It’s not the shot that was a pain, but the insurance authorization. It was a big hassle to get my insurance coverage shifted fromContinue reading “Making lemonade from a lemon of a day July 10, 2015”

A Taste of Redwood Valley, Solstice, and Father’s Day, all in one.

June 21, 2015 was all of the above. We didn’t know much about “A Taste of Redwood Valley” but we took a chance and drove there, and that turned out to be a great idea. Today was a community-wide tasting that included seven vineyards and one craft distillery. Participants included Barra of Mendocino (Girasole Vineyards),Continue reading “A Taste of Redwood Valley, Solstice, and Father’s Day, all in one.”