Shopping & eating come first

We arrived at our new house in Hawi, at the north end of the Big Island (Hawaii, the island, not to be confused with Hawaii, the entire state). Hawi is best known as the finish line in the Hawaii Ironman competition, which has been postponed from October 2021 to March 2022, based on current CovidContinue reading “Shopping & eating come first”

Old and Gold, Brunswick Heads

We happened to arrive in time for the annual community garage sale in nearby Brunswick Heads. The Old and Gold Festival sounded like our kind of event, with lots of rummaging around and maybe a treasure or two as a result. The people-watching was fabulous, unparalleled by anywhere we’ve been in Australia. This tiny town,Continue reading “Old and Gold, Brunswick Heads”

New Zealand Jade: Art not Science

Before coming to New Zealand, we looked forward to seeing jade being worked, and shopping for a jade pendant or two. After arriving, we began to find out a bit more about jade and jade carving that did not make our search easier. Jonathan and I are well-trained researchers, and we like to know aboutContinue reading “New Zealand Jade: Art not Science”

Cromarty, the town at the end of the Black Isle

The Black Isle gets its name from the dark form of the island in winter. When viewed from afar, Inverness, for example, it looks black. Surrounded by water, snow doesn’t stick (they don’t get very much). Cromarty is a small town at the tip of the Black Isle. It has varied and interesting architectural details,Continue reading “Cromarty, the town at the end of the Black Isle”

Ceramics in the El Noqbi neighborhood

Lyra and I wanted to look at ceramics and found a recommendation to visit the El Noqbi neighborhood on the northeast side of the medina. Art Naji is probably the best known spot, partly because it is so visible on googlemaps. There are many workshops that sell pottery on the streets that radiate out fromContinue reading “Ceramics in the El Noqbi neighborhood”

A Shopping Trip to Lima

The original goal of a visit to Lima was to see the Julie Taymor version of “The Magic Flute” being offered as part of the Metropolitan Opera in HD series. It’s an abridged version of the opera, finishing in under two hours, and absolutely gorgeous, as well as having wonderful singers (Nathan Gunn, Matthew Polenzani).Continue reading “A Shopping Trip to Lima”