A Moroccan Wine Tasting

There is a thriving wine industry in Morocco, mostly consumed domestically. It is possible to purchase wine in this Moslem country at the “Cave” or wine cellar at the Carrefour grocery store. (We also heard that the Marjane chain of grocery stores ended liquor sales and found their overall business dropped 20-25%.)

We planned to taste wine in the Meknes area ever since Joyce and Jean-Marie indicated that it was possible to do so. It’s not as easy as in California, perhaps, but a wine tasting is available at Chateau Roslane, located south of Meknes. It is part of the group, Les Celliers de Meknes.


The property was lovely and we were able to find it with the directions given and phone GPS.

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We tasted some of the best wines Chateau Roslane makes, including La Perle du Sud sparkling wine, a chardonnay and a red blend of shiraz, cabernet sauvignon and merlot. We were disappointed that we could not purchase bottles during our visit, but that may be coming in the future. Who knew that Fez-Meknes area wines would be so attractive? We have only drunk Moroccan wines during our stay and generally have been happy with them.

After the wine tasting it was lunchtime and we were able to stop at a nearby place with an attractive dining room in extensive grounds with an area of lodgings, a large pool and play area. I mention this because it had no identifying sign or name on it, yet was clearly for guests. We were recommended to it by the winery.



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