Taking a break in Oualidia

It’s easier to say as Wah-Lidia, a small beach town on a lagoon that offers a surfing school (we enjoyed watching the wet-suited group from a distance), oysters farmed locally that we ate every day, and bird-watching. From our Airbnb home we have a great view over the lagoon to the ocean. It was aContinue reading “Taking a break in Oualidia”

Along the coast

We’ve spent two days driving along the coast, first from Agadir to Essaouira, and then from Essaouira to Oualidia, our outpost for this week. On the leg north from Agadir, we were surprised to see how much the landscape looked like versions of other places. Northern California is an easier comparison. We saw people surfing.Continue reading “Along the coast”

Essaouira, city of doors

We dodged a few raindrops and ducked into a restaurant for lunch just as it started to rain. We ended up on the third floor in a low-ceilinged room with several other groups of foreigners, French, Spanish and German. We had an especially nice chat with a German woman who was on a two weekContinue reading “Essaouira, city of doors”

A hidden treasure in Essaouira

We arrived on the outskirts of Essaouira, fortunately with our phone GPS working. The surroundings are a bit intimidating. There were ancient and modern hazards. Fortunately, there were strategically posted signs. We found the Domaine de l’Arganaraie, a delightful set of large houses around a common swimming pool and dining area, spacious and beautiful, aContinue reading “A hidden treasure in Essaouira”

A further note on Argan products

Cooperatives of woman formed to produce argan oil and related products can be found across southwest Morocco. On our drive from Agadir to Essaouira along the coast, we passed thousands of argan trees full of fruit, signs for cooperatives, and billboards referring to projects benefitting women. These all appear to be cooperatives to produce arganContinue reading “A further note on Argan products”

Surprises at the end of the road

We arrived at Foum Assaka, the mouth of the Assaka River, to find a beach community under construction, not uncommon in Morocco. We threaded through the streets until the car could go no further, then parked in a pullout. This is the entrance to “Le Rayon Vert,”  the Green Flash. I guess you can seeContinue reading “Surprises at the end of the road”

A Women’s Cooperative, Mesti, Morocco

About a half hour outside Sidi Ifni on the road to Guelmime is the town of Mesti, where the Tafyoucht cooperative of women produces argan oil. Argan trees are only found in Morocco, and the oil pressed from the nuts can be eaten or used on the skin and in cosmetics. We sat with theContinue reading “A Women’s Cooperative, Mesti, Morocco”

Comparing Peru and Morocco

An initial look at Morocco shows some similarities with Peru. There are low buildings of adobe, lots of craft items, a long coastline, surfing, parasailing, and high mountains. There is only a limited amount of rain and some creative terracing has been developed over the centuries to foster agriculture. Despite the visible similarities, the twoContinue reading “Comparing Peru and Morocco”

Agadir to Sidi Ifni–the charming Hand of Fatima

Nouri, the very helpful manager at our riad in Marrakesh, picked up our bus tickets to Agadir. He also helped arrange our transfer to the bus station. First the suitcases go in a cart to the edge of the medina, then the taxi is loaded, and then we are off to the bus station. ThreeContinue reading “Agadir to Sidi Ifni–the charming Hand of Fatima”

Cue the music–Marrakesh Express

Our stay in Marrakesh was short, but we made the most of it. From Riad Selouane, we made our way past the souks (dense warren of market stalls selling everything a tourist could want). I took a few photos of the route as we went, so we wouldn’t get lost. The market is brilliant withContinue reading “Cue the music–Marrakesh Express”