We find a photography gallery off the beaten path: Dar Balmira

While at the Cafe clock, we saw a poster for an exhibit of historic photos of Fez from the early 20th century that have been restored and reprinted. The gallery is not far from our riad and is in a restored riad, so we decided a field trip was in order. We found our way there without difficulty, though it was in Gzira, the easternmost part of the medina, an area not known for an influx of foreign owners.

The restored riad, Dar Balmira, is spectacular, decorated with traditional carved and painted wood, carved plaster and zellij tile mosaic. The owner, Jearld Moldenhauer, was very gracious about our visiting without a reservation and showed us around the galleries and the beautiful rooftop deck with his feathered guests, cockatiels, small parrots and rosellas.

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We did not purchase any prints, but we enjoyed our visit very much. Though you can drop in, contact information can be found at:


This is a great place to visit for the art, the interiors and the rooftop!


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