Fiumicino is not Rome, or even Italy

The official name of the airport is Fiumicino – Aeroporto Internazionale Leonardo da Vinci though most people call it the Fiumicino or Rome airport. It’s 21 miles from the center of Rome, about a €40 cab ride. There are also train and bus links to the city. We were connecting from Palermo so we stayed overnightContinue reading “Fiumicino is not Rome, or even Italy”

Not by the guidebooks–public transit in Rome.

Some things are different for the constant traveler and I was reminded of this while reading an online advice about travel in Rome. The writer suggested that all the major sights are so close together that it is really a waste of time to use public transit. The author’s attitude was “you can walk everywhere.”Continue reading “Not by the guidebooks–public transit in Rome.”