Good to know about Rome

Rome is wonderful and slightly overwhelming. We have had a wonderful time here–it would be a long time before we ran out of things to see and do.  Here are a couple of thoughts on our leaving Rome.

Roma es maravilloso y un poco abrumador. Hemos tenido un tiempo maravilloso aquí – sería mucho tiempo antes de que nos quedamos sin cosas para ver y hacer. Aquí hay un par de pensamientos sobre nuestra salida de Roma.

  1. Rome has lots of quirks. People park all over the place, especially on the sidewalk. There are lots of national holidays and there is enough discontent that there are specially announced strikes, and strikes that pop up out of nowhere. If the metro breaks down, it is likely to be out of service for at least half a day. A surprise shutdown can have a disastrous effect on travel time to the airport…                 Roma tiene muchas peculiaridades. La gente parquea por todo el lugar, especialmente en la acera. Hay un montón de fiestas nacionales y hay suficiente descontento que hay huelgas especialmente anunciadas, y huelgas que aparecen de la nada. Si el metro se rompe, es probable que esté fuera de servicio por lo menos medio día. Eso puede hacer un desastre de tu viaje al aeropuerto …

    Some days you just feel like you have snakes in your hair.
  2. There is lots of inaccurate information available, and you can spend a lot of time looking for things that aren’t there. I wanted to go to flea markets and did a lot of reading and calculating on line before we set out. We managed to find two small markets after a lot of looking, and we found at least three others that were either on a different day (Porta Portese) or weekend, or entirely out of business (Sotto i Portici) despite what the internet says. I decided that perhaps flea markets and Rome don’t mix. I did get to the Porta Portese flea market which is very large but consists mostly of used and overstock-type clothing and cheap Chinese imports. There were a handful of vendors of interesting things out of hundreds of booths (hundreds).. The Mercato Monti was very small and in a ground floor room in the back of a hotel. Advertised as an urban market, it did include people making creative items, especially clothing and jewelry. I also liked the mercatino Borghetto Flaminio. This market had 50+ vendors, both new and old items. It was the market I could have returned to, but it is not every weekend. Hay mucha información inexacta disponible, y usted puede pasar mucho tiempo buscando cosas que no existen. Quería ir a los mercados de pulgas e hizo un montón de lectura y cálculo en línea antes de salir. Por fin encontremos dos pequeños mercados después de un montón de busqueda, y nos encontramos al menos otros tres que estaban en un día diferente (Porta Portese) o fin de semana, o completamente fuera de negocios (Sotto i Portici) a pesar de lo que dice Internet. Decidí que tal vez mercados de pulgas y Roma no se mezclan.Llegué a la Porta Portese mercado de pulgas que es muy grande, pero se compone principalmente de ropa usada y barato importaciones chinas. Había un puñado de vendedores de cosas interesantes de cientos de cabinas (cientos). El Mercato Monti era muy pequeña y en una habitación en la planta baja en la parte trasera de un hotel. Anunciado como un mercado urbano, incluyó a personas haciendo artículos creativos, especialmente ropa y joyas. También me gustó el mercado Borghetto Flaminio. Este mercado tenía 50+ vendedores, tanto nuevos como viejos artículos. Era el mercado al que podría haber regresado, pero no es todos los fines de semana.
  3. We were compensated by the unexpected events we discovered, like the huge pageant of Roman legion reenactors celebrating Natale di Roma (the birth date of Rome) on April 23. Estábamos compensados ​​por los acontecimientos inesperados que descubrimos, como el gran desfile de los reenactores de la legión romana celebrando Natale di Roma (la fecha de nacimiento de Roma) el 23 de abril.
  4. There aren’t practical issues specific to Rome. I’d suggest that you NEVER even THINK of driving in Rome. I’m a big fan of the public transit system. And all those cautions about pickpockets? They are all true, we saw some in action.                                   No hay problemas prácticos específicos de Roma. Sugeriría que usted NUNCA incluso PIENSA de conducir en Roma. Soy un gran fan del sistema de transporte público. ¿Y todas esas precauciones sobre los carteristas? Todos ellos son verdaderos, vimos algunos en acción.

As long as you don’t expect everything to go according to plan, Rome is a great place to visit.

Siempre y cuando usted no espera que todo vaya de acuerdo al plan, Roma es un gran lugar para visitar.


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I am a retired archaeologist and I like to travel, especially to places where you can walk along the shore or watch birds. My husband Jonathan and I travel for more than half the year every year, seeing all the places that we haven't gotten to yet.

2 thoughts on “Good to know about Rome

  1. Hello Winifred,

    I’m happy to read your travel blog entries now that you are on the road again. I also enjoyed the ones from “home” in Peru. You mention that there are limitless sites and sights to see in Rome, and I’m wondering whether the customary 4 weeks’ stay was not enough in this city? Some of your locations may have been places where a month seemed almost too long (like the Scottish town that staged sheep races). Where will you be staying in Ireland?

    I was pleased to see that Jonathan got good use out of his traveling kitchen knife collection in Italy with the zucchini flower dishes he made. I am going to be interested what he will cook in Ireland. Carageen seaweed seems to be traditional over there.

    DeKalb is still here. We were in the basement sheltering from tornados the other night. This July I’ll be in Oxford again, and am looking forward to that. It ill be my last time with NIU as I decided to retire at the end of the summer. No particular plans for next year, but would like to travel more while health holds up.




    1. Gabe,
      Congratulations on planning to retire. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. We will spend July and August in Ireland (Dingle and Bundoran). Let us know if you will be coming our way.
      Despite the many places left to see, I was wearying of the bus, subway and crowds. Taking a taxi wasn’t a solution because of the traffic, so for me a month was fine. I wouldn’t say no to another month…. I was never tired of Scotland, sheep races and all. There were castles still to be seen, and miles of coast left to walk. It suggests I may not be a city dweller in the long term.
      There are more recipes to come and I may have to go back and add some from Rome that I forgot to include. I hope we’ll have something besides seaweed and potatoes while we’re in the olde sod.


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