Gaudi Week, Day 1-Palau Guell

We embarked on Gaudi week, trying to see all the surviving architecture of Antoni Gaudi (Gau-DEE) in the Barcelona area. In no particular order: Casa Guell was the in-town home of Eusebi Guell, Gaudi’s principal patron. Without Guell, I wonder whether Gaudi would have had a career and would have ended up a muttering madman.Continue reading “Gaudi Week, Day 1-Palau Guell”

Museums and Modernism-Modernismo 9.16.15

Barcelona’s wonderful museums include many that focus on artists and architects of the early 20th century. We are starting to make the rounds and may make return visits to both the Picasso Museum and the Miro Foundation. A great deal is made of modernism, but what that is remains puzzling. Definitions suggest thatContinue reading “Museums and Modernism-Modernismo 9.16.15”

What a week! Nature and culture in Mendocino.

I believe everyone says “where does the time go”? They’re right. The Mendocino Music Festival got into high gear this week and we attended three events, the California Honey Drops, a concert of five groups “A Capella Fever” and a fully staged opera, The Barber of Seville. The opera was my favorite so far, itContinue reading “What a week! Nature and culture in Mendocino.”