Gaudi Week, Day 4–Museums of Catalan Crafts

After seeing places built by Gaudi himself, it’s not quite as interesting to go to a museum. On the other hand, museums often have the furnishings that have been removed over the years from the houses and buildings that Gaudi designed. The Museum of Catalan Modernism is a relatively small collection, but with some fantastic furniture, some by Gaudi and some by other craftsmen, including the most elaborate marquetry desk either of us has ever seen.9.27.15 Museum of Catalan Modernism-007sm

9.22.15 Palau Guell-071sm

This is another elaborate drop front desk from the Palau Guell. It makes you wonder whether anyone ever used it. I think you would be wondering whether you would damage the finish every time you sat down at it.

Some works have great details. Why did the Catalans like dragons and bats? No idea.

9.27.15 Museum of Catalan Modernism-0089.22.15 Palau Guell-084sm

We also visited the National Museum of Catalan Art. This is much larger, but begins with the Romans and ends with Catalan contemporary artists. We looked at so much art in the latter museum that we were almost worn out before we got to the Gaudi exhibit.

I have few photos of furniture designed by Gaudi. There are very recognizable chairs made by Gaudi for the Casa Battlo. Because it has no furnishings in it today, there are a lot of pieces to go around and many museums have a chair or two.

9.28.15 Gaudi Hse Mus at Parc Gsm

There are single and double chairs similar to this one, along with end tables and other chairs. You can purchase a repro for about 1300€.

The piece below is earlier, from the Palau Guell, one of Gaudi’s earlier projects for Eusebi Guell. It is more clearly related to Art Nouveau with all its curling sections but also because it is a combination piece, settee/end table and display cabinet.

9.22.15 Palau Guell-072sm

There are more Gaudi-designed structures, the most distinctive remaining is the church of the Sagrada Familia.


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