Gaudi Week, Day 1-Palau Guell

We embarked on Gaudi week, trying to see all the surviving architecture of Antoni Gaudi (Gau-DEE) in the Barcelona area. In no particular order:

Casa Guell was the in-town home of Eusebi Guell, Gaudi’s principal patron. Without Guell, I wonder whether Gaudi would have had a career and would have ended up a muttering madman. His creativity was amazing, but it’s not clear he had a sense of balance. He focused on his complex work, and not on financing or marketing any of it. Guell provided numerous commissions and was patient for their extended construction times. Without Guell’s long term, loyal patronage, would we ever have seen Gaudi’s work?

9.22.15 Palau GuellsmThe Guell house has elaborate iron work on the doors and windows.

9.22.15 Palau Guell-012sm

The house also has fourteen chimneys, finished in tile or built of brick. The roof is one of the highlights of a visit.

The curtain below is carved of wood,

9.22.15 Palau Guell-019sm

Admission to the Palau Guell was free thanks to our ICOM membership.

Next stop, Parc Guell.



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