October’s Bright Blue Weather

My title is from a poem I had to memorize in grade school, and it still comes into my mind almost every year when the light slants sharply in the late afternoon, and the trees change color. The month of October sped by. It’s always a month of transition, when we return to the USContinue reading “October’s Bright Blue Weather”

Something new: the toe of Manhattan

I thought I knew about Manhattan, having visited quite a bit while growing up and having lived in couple of neighborhoods. I’ve ridden on the Staten Island Ferry and been to the Statue of Liberty. Both require you to go to the toe of Manhattan. What I skipped over until this trip was the neighborhoodContinue reading “Something new: the toe of Manhattan”

First Accomplishment of the New Travel Season

When we left Wheaton last year in April, all our possessions were packed in our Prius (and the storage unit). We went to California for 3 months and stopped on our way to the airport to drop off a lot of stuff with Amanda, since she’s in CA. We left for Barcelona with 4 suitcases.Continue reading “First Accomplishment of the New Travel Season”

Mom is right, again!

My mother is going into her third year in an independent living setting and has just turned 91. She claims that there are all kinds of wonderful stories among her neighbors. In addition to the 23 retired priests (there’s a story there), and a retired ambassador (another), artists, intellectuals, she says everyone has a story,Continue reading “Mom is right, again!”

New York from two different angles

We spent a clear, bright Sunday visiting the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. An earlier torch was shaped like an aladdin’s lamp.         Lyra is standing beside a full-sized replica of the statue’s toes.       My paternal great, great grandfather was Michael Dwyer, and he may have arrived atContinue reading “New York from two different angles”

First Bites of the Big Apple

Arrived NYC from Barcelona on Wednesday, bought household supplies and crashed. The weather is wonderful for November, short sleeves, high 60s to low 70s, with some rain. Thursday was subway tickets (unlimited 1 week) and the Met. We selected 4-5 different galleries we’d like to see, mostly temporary exhibits (Faberge eggs, American quilts, House modelsContinue reading “First Bites of the Big Apple”