Playa Los Organos

Our home stretch into the north took us from Piura to Playa Los Organos. We saw more of the damage from El Nino as we left Piura on bumpy roads, the asphalt having washed off last year. Road construction detoured us every few kilometers for the first hour of our drive. After that, the road was merely bad, partly peeled away in places, one lane each way in others, and full of potholes along the rest of the route. The landscape changed as we drove, getting dryer and dryer, sandy hills covered with tan fields of grass that sprouted after the El Nino and died as the water dried up. We stopped for a breathtaking view of this brown scenery at the top of a hill, sandstone and scrub reaching to the horizon. We only misinterpreted our Airbnb directions once, and a quick call to our hostess got us to our rental house facing the beach near El Ñuro. It was a pleasure to stop driving. Our house is perfect, lots of outdoor terrace and chairs, a tiny pool, and a view of the Pacific.

Why stay here when we already live opposite the beach in Barranca? The water is warm. We went for a swim the afternoon we arrived once the blazing sun drifted into the late afternoon mist. It was blissfully cool and not straight from a melted glacier. Divine. Just down the beach at the pier is a colony of sea turtles and we saw the carapace of four former turtles in the sand.

Talk about beachcombing! I did not bring a turtle skeleton home, but I’m thinking about it. I have to see whether it is illegal to possess marine turtle shell. We did find a few other things along the beach.

From here we will explore the beach, other beaches and towns from Mancora to Tumbes.



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