Tea Time Birding Society Meets in Aruba

High noon birding doesn’t work well when it’s over 90 and extremely humid, so the High Noon Birding Society moved its adventures to tea time, waiting until after 4 pm when the sun began to dip toward the water. Despite being a desert covered with cactus, Aruba has a lot of birds. One of theContinue reading “Tea Time Birding Society Meets in Aruba”

Snorkeling in Aruba

Our Airbnb house had snorkeling equipment and I found enough to fit, though Jonathan found that his knees don’t much like snorkeling any more. We went snorkeling at Rodgers Beach, in sight of the former refinery, and saw many small fish. We found even better underwater terrain right by our house at Savaneta beach. TheContinue reading “Snorkeling in Aruba”

Beyond the beach in Aruba

When we arrived, I thought we might spend two weeks making our way from beach to beach around the island of Aruba. We have been happily distracted along the way. My sister Paula and her guy Wayne are with us and wanted to see the California Lighthouse at the north end of Aruba. The lighthouseContinue reading “Beyond the beach in Aruba”

Aruba, The A in A, B, C Islands

I’d never heard of the A, B, C islands and like people of a certain age, when I looked at the map I saw that west to east, the islands of Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire are not in ABC order…. People who visit these Caribbean islands have their favorites. Some prefer Aruba for the wellContinue reading “Aruba, The A in A, B, C Islands”