And Away We Go

Mendocino has been a blissful environment, yet tomorrow we leave. Yesterday, I put some of my beachcombing shells back in the water.

8.29.15 spring ranch.15-001

In addition to packing, we spent our last day beachcombing on one of the best beaches yet, the Mendocino Headlands. I found a lot of abalone pieces, but left them in place for the next person.

8.30.15 Mendo headlands-003sm

This final beach had the biggest, strangest tide pools, including several giant chitons.

8.30.15 Mendo headlands-007sm

Giant chitons curl up when you pick them up.

8.30.15 Mendo headlands-004sm

Under water they stretch out.

8.30.15 Mendo headlands-016sm

Sea stars, sea urchins, hermit crabs….

8.30.15 Mendo headlands-009sm

It was a wonderful afternoon.

Jonathan appeared as a ghost.

8.30.15 Mendo headlands-013sm

Amazing that we had never been to this beach before. It was a great end to this visit of exploration. We’re on to Barcelona on Friday.



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