Good to know about Florence, and Arriverderci

Arriverderci means “until we see each other again.” We will return to Italy in September after cooling off for two months in Ireland. I’ve already commented on dealing with crowds (“Top Ten” post),  so here are a few interim comments on Florence and our Italian travels in general. Arriverderci significa “hasta que nos veamos deContinue reading “Good to know about Florence, and Arriverderci”

Hill Towns of all Sizes

We visited three of the smaller hill towns: Monteriggioni, Montepulciano and San Gimignano. All of these have most of their ancient encircling walls intact, and a central area with narrow streets and relatively tall buildings that date from times when people  felt safer living within the walls. Each town has its charms. Visitamos tres deContinue reading “Hill Towns of all Sizes”

Some Tuscan Towns and Country

We have driven out from Florence to see more of Tuscany. The traditional landscape of dry yellow fields bordered by tall narrow cypresses is there, but so are rolling forested hills, rocky outcrops bearing hill towns and dry plains bordered by umbrella pines and the sea. Hemos salido de Florencia para ver más de laContinue reading “Some Tuscan Towns and Country”