The Uffizi Gallery–Custodian of the Renaissance

The Uffizi Gallery is one of those must-see places, whether you know much about it or not. I am not sure I could have told you when the Renaissance began or ended or what its art looked like before we visited, but now I have a clearer idea. This is largely because we had anContinue reading “The Uffizi Gallery–Custodian of the Renaissance”

A First Dip into Florence

We are visiting Florence sparingly to avoid total burnout from the combustion of cultural experiences under the force of heat and pressure from crowds. The first rule of visiting cities: Never Take the Car, is easy here. There is excellent tram service from Scandicci into the city center. There is parking in a nearby shoppingContinue reading “A First Dip into Florence”

Welcome to Scandicci (Florence)

On June 1, we moved into our new apartment, half a house above Scandicci, a suburb of Florence. It is very comfortable, and our hostess, Lucia, is very warm and willing to put up with my stumbling Italian. El 1 de junio, nos mudamos a nuestro nuevo apartamento, media casa encima de Scandicci, un suburbioContinue reading “Welcome to Scandicci (Florence)”