Making lemonade from a lemon of a day July 10, 2015

Getting an injection in your eye is not as bad as it sounds–I have started getting Eyelea in my right eye as a treatment for the wet form of macular degeneration. It’s not the shot that was a pain, but the insurance authorization.

It was a big hassle to get my insurance coverage shifted from my doctor in Illinois to a doctor in California, and it took long enough that I had to make a second trip to Santa Rosa, about a two-hour drive each way from our base in Ft. Bragg. On this second trip today, I was finally able to get the injection, and I don’t have to go in again for 6 weeks.

After my appointment, we looked for an interesting place to have lunch in Santa Rosa, and we found Spinster Sisters via Yelp. It sounded interesting, so off we went.


Great mural!

It was a delicious lunch, it almost makes me look forward to my next appointment. Next time I’m going to save room for dessert.

We headed back toward Ft. Bragg, but made a stop to taste some wine at the Parducci vineyard. When i was a graduate student working on a research project in Costa Rica, I met an Italian family that had emigrated there to start the wine industry. There were two sons, Pepe and Virgilio. Pepe married another archaeology grad student and they eventually moved to California, where he worked for Parducci. That was a long time ago, but it was a pleasure to think about all the fun we had in Costa Rica–their wine was great–and the visit I had with them in their early days at Parducci and in Ukiah.

7.10.15 Parducci.


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