Friends and Family–Part 2

The last part of my friends and family tour of the US took me to Los Angeles and Seattle. In Los Angeles, I stayed a couple of nights with daughter Lyra and another few at the home of my daughter Amanda’s future mother-in-law, Connie. Amanda and Jim live there, too, making it an excellent baseContinue reading “Friends and Family–Part 2”

The month of friends and family-Part 1

This month is full of visits to family and friends. From Charleston, I stopped a few days in Grand Rapids, MI with my sister Catherine. The weather was rainy but we entertained ourselves by getting haircuts. We did a decluttering sweep of a sitting room, cut one huge piece of fabric for curtains, repaired anContinue reading “The month of friends and family-Part 1”

Our holiday guests

Lillian and Neil arrived from the US, spent the night in Lima and we all headed north for two days of seeing the great sites in the Moche Valley. The murals at Huaca de la Luna were spectacular. Five stories of multicolored carvings are impressive. We were so busy with our selfie, there isn’t muchContinue reading “Our holiday guests”