Meeting up with Spring.

We have been observing spring in the Northern hemisphere. We left Peru on March 31 and stayed for a week in Wheaton, IL. The weather was cool but the flowers were emerging.

Hemos estado observando la primavera en el hemisferio norte. Dejamos Peru el 31 de marzo y nos quedamos una semana en Wheaton, IL. El clima era fresco pero las flores estaben emergiendo.

From Wheaton we went to Syracuse, where the grass was starting to turn green. The moon was full and we watched it rise over  the forest at Green Lakes State Park.

De Wheaton fuimos a Syracuse, donde la hierba empezaba a ponerse verde. La luna estaba lleno y lo vimos subir sobre el bosque en Green Lakes State Park.

Six deer picked their way across the grass to graze while we watched.

Seis ciervos recorrieron su camino a traves de la hierba para pastar mientras miramos.

We took a trip to Penn Yan and another to Seneca Falls, where we visited the National Women’s Hall of Fame.

Visitemos a Penn Yan y tambien a Seneca Falls, donde visitamos la National Women’s Hall of Fame (Salon Nacional de la Fama de Mujeres).

It was intriguing to learn about the women who have done so many surprising things. Did you know that a woman invented Kevlar (bullet-proof vest material)?

Fue intrigante conocer a las mujeres que han hecho tantas cosas sorprendentes. Sabia usted que una mujer invento Kevlar (material de chaleco a prueba de balas)?

At the end of the week we drove to New York to spend a few hours with Lyra at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central station.

Al final de la semana fuimos a Nueva York para pasar unas horas con Lyra en el Oyster Bar en la estacion Grand Central.

From there we headed to JFK airport and our flight to Rome. We plan to return to the US on Nov. 1, 2017.

De alli nos dirigimos al aeropuerto de JFK y nuestro vuelo a Roma. Planeamos regresar a los Estados Unidos el 1 de noviembre, 2017.



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