Mendoza, Wine Capital of Argentina

Why does Argentina have excellent infrastructure for transportation? With the exception of the vacation crowds in Valle Hermosa at the start of our trip, the roads have been in good condition and with light traffic, to none at all. Why does Peru have one speed bump per kilometer between Puno and Desaguadero (! There wereContinue reading “Mendoza, Wine Capital of Argentina”

La Difunta Correa shrine, Ischigualasto, and Chilecito to San Juan, Argentina, Jan. 31, 2015

On the way into San Juan, we stopped at Vallecito, home of “La Difunta Correa”. The story goes that in the mid 1800s, Sra. Deolinda Correa followed her husband as he went off to battle, impressed into service as was common at the time. Sra Correa died of thirst on the trail, seeking her husband,Continue reading “La Difunta Correa shrine, Ischigualasto, and Chilecito to San Juan, Argentina, Jan. 31, 2015”

Chilecito Day 2, Jan. 30, 2015

Motorbikes and scooters are very popular in Chilecito, and many are driven by women. This seems to bring up a new problem. We saw a woman driving a motorcycle with one hand while holding a sleeping infant in the other. We saw a man driving a motorcycle with a small child behind him, then theContinue reading “Chilecito Day 2, Jan. 30, 2015”

Chilecito, Jan. 29 and 30

The drive to Chilecito started out looking like Missouri, rolling hills and cows. Then it looked like Kauai, steep hills and cows. After that it shifted gradually toward Arizona, becoming less and less green with more scrub that became lower as we drove west, finally culminating with cactus and low scrub that looks like theContinue reading “Chilecito, Jan. 29 and 30”

Desaguadero means “Storm Drain”. How about “the pits”?

There are no photos from our drive to Desaguadero. We started off bright and early expecting to get to Bolivia. Instead we got bogged down so deeply in bureaucratic mire that we were barely able to back out and return to Puno. How bad was it? Customs agents seemed to have a real sparkle inContinue reading “Desaguadero means “Storm Drain”. How about “the pits”?”

Change of direction toward Puno 1/21

To ease our way into high altitude, we decided to skip Moquegua and go up to Puno, to have more time at high altitude before crossing the border to Bolivia. We need out wits about us and I didn’t want to be feeling sick. 1/21/2015 Arequipa to Puno. Weather sunny to slight overcast. Temperatures fromContinue reading “Change of direction toward Puno 1/21”