You Are About to Enter Lima, Peru

You don’t really have to abandon all hope, but you are best off if someone else is driving. Lima drivers don’t have much use for lane lines. They like to turn left, or right, from the middle lane if there are three or more lanes. They live for excitement. Lima has many good things aboutContinue reading “You Are About to Enter Lima, Peru”

Man vs Nature: Nature 2 Man 0

Two Sundays ago we found a cat eating the leftover bacon in the kitchen. He looked up and ran for the window, jumping between the decorative bars. The kitchen gets too hot to close the windows, so we put screen across the window, and the cat stopped stopping by. The next week, however, there wasContinue reading “Man vs Nature: Nature 2 Man 0”

Man vs Nature: Nature 1 Man 0

Southern Blackbirds create a big, liquid sound. They also like to tap at reflections in mirrors and window panes, and sing to them, which is how we ended up with a blackbird sitting on our window sill, singing its loudest, starting at 5:30 am. It would not be shooed away. After all, we already coveredContinue reading “Man vs Nature: Nature 1 Man 0”

Packing–Day 1

What do you take when you have an entire car full of space? Start with safety, blankets in case we get stranded, follow with comfort, our pillows, and toilet paper. Who knows what toilet paper lurks in other countries?! This trip requires clothing for warm weather (coast of Peru, coast of Chile, Argentina) where dailyContinue reading “Packing–Day 1”

SO, you want to visit Bolivia? Argentina? Chile? AND, you have an auto?

We’ll see about that! With this friendly attitude, warning you that without every possible paper in order you will undoubtedly be delayed, fined (legally or illegally) or turned back from the border, we embark on finding out what it takes to go from country to country. We now have an expanding file full of potentialContinue reading “SO, you want to visit Bolivia? Argentina? Chile? AND, you have an auto?”