Helping a neighbor (celebrate her birthday…!)

The best idea for a birthday celebration comes from a neighbor, Billie, who spends a day on the beach with friends in Barranca, her home town, every year. We were delighted to be included this year. Early birds hit the beach by about 10:30am. To avoid roasting under the sun, we joined in at about 12:30 with our umbrella, lawn chair, beach mat & towel. The El Nino has raised water temperature from painfully frigid to downright enjoyable, though I still wear my wetsuit most of the time.


The only other person who likes to catch the waves with a body board is 9 years old.





Enjoying the sun.




The treat for the kids was ice cream on the beach.


Here we are in the midst of celebrating.


We went home about 2:30 pm for a break from the sun. Went back at 4 pm and they were still on the beach, just heading indoors to have lunch. We joined in for chicken, rice and beans, all delicious, followed by a stupendous birthday cake. It was three vanilla layers with fresh fruit (mango, strawberry) and manjar blanco (butterscotch). This was frosted by fluffy white frosting. Delicious.

By 6 o’clock we were home–it was an all day party.



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