Podcast: The origin of inequality—interviews me.

I agree to speak with Lindsay Park, a woman who is recording a series of podcasts called “The Story of Woman.” We spoke for about an hour in December 2015, and the episode is now available. My interview runs in the middle of the podcast from about minutes 10-50. (I add this in case you’d like to hear a few minutes but are not up for the entire 110 minute podcast…). We talk about the origins of inequality in the Norte Chico region of Peru. I think most of you know we’ve been working in this area since 2000, and it’s our base of operations right now. During the months we spend here each year we are writing up additional pieces of research–the articles and book chapters we’ve published don’t yet cover all the material that we excavated. It is enjoyable to revisit the work and rethink what we found, despite my comment on Facebook–something about an exploding head at the end of the day…






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