Your room is ready

I finished redecorating the guest room and it is now posted on Airbnb. We have already blocked out the dates for friends who we know are coming to visit, so it is not all business. Today I go to Lima to meet Lillian and Neil at the airport and tomorrow we will return to Barranca and let our young guests try out the space.


This is the doorway to the suite from our central patio.


Double bed with wall hanging of mantas.


Sitting area with baskets hung on the wall. The bathroom is through the doorway to the left, the walk-in closet is through the doorway to the right.


The update falls within our budget and was completed within a month.  I am happy with the result and curious to see whether there are people out there who would like to stay with us. Ours does have the advantage of being only one room. No neighbors making loud noise. The dog does occasionally bark and the birds sing very loudly early in the morning….we can’t do anything about them.

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