Architecture and Design NZ

Like other parts of New Zealand, living along the water is a preferred location, and new houses are squeezed onto steep hillsides facing the bays or open ocean. We have seen houses built very close to the roadside, or on stilts that are three stories on the downhill side with the foundation sitting on theContinue reading “Architecture and Design NZ”

Ballenita, our base in Ecuador

During our two weeks on the Santa Elena Peninsula, Ecuador, we rented a house in Ballenita. There were beds for many more than the two of us and we loved the huge outdoor area with a view of the ocean. Yes, there were container ships parked offshore, but we got used to it. The indoorContinue reading “Ballenita, our base in Ecuador”

An update on Home Improvements

I’ve moved ahead with preparation of the suite for guests. Here’s a photo of the partial redecoration. By next weekend I should have most of it completed, though there will be fine-tuning until Lillian and Neil arrive. Here is stage 1 of the basket wall:     Now stage 2 with better chairs: Should I put aContinue reading “An update on Home Improvements”