The January lull

It was a quiet week…..yep, even here in Barranca.

El Nino has brought us great water temperatures for swimming.

The ocean has never been better for swimming or playing around. Remember that I first came to Peru the year after the last El Nino (1997-1998–we arrived in 1999). The water is usually frigid. By the time you are wet, most of your lower half has gone to sleep. Not this year! I don’t even wear my wet suit all the time. I love riding my body board in on the waves. OK, so I stay in pretty close, but it is so much fun. My friend Leila Wilson is going to post a photo on Facebook of me riding the waves with her daughter, who is ten. What can I say?
We found this on the beach one morning. Don Jaime must have gone for coffee.
NB: There is only half a motorcycle attached to this truck bed–carrying an extension ladder.
These women are selling rabbits–skinned to order.
I am fascinated by the woman carrying candy apples with their stems stuck in a big stick. It looks heavy, but this is how they are sold. She is chatting with a shaved ice vendor.

Now it is Sunday afternoon and a rock band is playing next door. 3 pm Sunday is a popular time for music, so that people can enjoy themselves and get home before it gets too late. They are a bit loud for me, but it’s lively and I imagine most people are happy to have even more racket on the beach. About every third restaurant plays music, resulting in a happy din, unless you like the quiet and crashing waves. But, Don’t worry! Never Fear! No problem! Tomorrow is Monday and it will be quiet again until Friday evening. That’s four and a half days for me and two and a half for everyone else.


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