Good to Know About Melbourne

Melbourne proved easy to live in, another testament to Jonathan’s Airbnb research skills. We were walking distance from the beach, very handy on hot days, and also close to public transport. We drove into the center of the city on our first day to go to my eye doctor appointment and it was as nightmarishContinue reading “Good to Know About Melbourne”

I Love New Zealand (and here’s why)…

We have just spent two months in New Zealand, a truly wonderful place. People are interested in nature and the outdoors, conservation is important, and kids are taught to carry their trash home from the beach at the same time they are taught to surf. I like the balance. Our interests are the outdoor varietyContinue reading “I Love New Zealand (and here’s why)…”

Australian Tourist Visas

Australia offers same-day, on-line free visas for stays up to 90 days. We wanted to stay for six months, and found the 600 visa, for stays up to a year. This takes longer and costs a minimum of $140. We decided to go for it. The complication seemed minor, your passport must be valid forContinue reading “Australian Tourist Visas”

It Took A Week to Pack?

We’ve now been traveling for more than four years. From two checked suitcases each we graduated to one checked bag, with our carry-ons packed as tightly as possible. Now there’s always space left over. I still check a bag, though. Eight months is a long time in climate that ranges from hot and wet toContinue reading “It Took A Week to Pack?”

Good to Know About the Galapagos

If you’re thinking about a trip to the Galapagos, there are several things to consider. -Land or Sea? I prefer sea because you can get to more of the islands, even though I am not a cruise person. -Choose your tour company carefully. Ask for recommendations from friends who have been to the Galapagos, keepingContinue reading “Good to Know About the Galapagos”

Visiting the Macaw Clay Licks

We opted for a tour after finding it complicated to arrange an independent trip, choosing Birding Ecotours, a US based company that runs birding tours all over the world. An important starting point is to realize there are several clay licks. Make sure you know where you are going and what you may see. It’s alsoContinue reading “Visiting the Macaw Clay Licks”

The puzzle that is Bolivia

We saw wonders in Bolivia, a remarkable plain of salt, the capital of an ancient empire, rare birds. In between those high points we flew around La Paz in a gondola, then drove across miles of altiplano where we passed quinoa fields, grazing herds of cows, horses, sheep, llamas, alpacas, vicunas and even pigs. WeContinue reading “The puzzle that is Bolivia”