Good to Know About Tasmania

We always learn as we go, and Tasmania was no exception. Airbnb: Our Airbnb in Tea Tree was different. We enjoyed the view out over a vineyard, but it was a bit more rustic than we like. I didn’t mind the geese, but we did have to watch our steps. Car: We rented a KiaContinue reading “Good to Know About Tasmania”

High Noon Birdwatching Society, Tasman Division

We knew the birds would be different in Australia, but we didn’t realize how quickly we would see them. On one of our first afternoons in Tasmania, driving home across dry, sandy colored farmland, we swerved to a halt to see a flock of cockatoos! If you haven’t been to Australia you will never seeContinue reading “High Noon Birdwatching Society, Tasman Division”

Tasmania high and low (temperature)

I started to summarize our month in Tasmania and couldn’t remember anything but this week’s weather. One day the temperature is in the 90s, the next day the high 60s, changing more than 30° (F.) in twelve hours. Yesterday, I swam in the ocean, today’s forecast is 54° with smoke. Yo-yo temperatures and huge firesContinue reading “Tasmania high and low (temperature)”